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Shinken Mailgun Plugin

Utility to send emails through mailgun for Shinken alerts. Blog post:

  • A working shinken setup installed in a server.
  • Python >= 2.6 is installed on that server


It is a modern open source Nagios® like tool, redesigned and rewritten from scratch in Python. Hosted in Github: Website:


Mailgun is a hosted service which provides easy to use HTTP APIs for emails. It can be used used for sending, receiving and tracking email effortlessly. Website:

Install Shinken Mailgun Plugin in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a Mailgun account:
2. Update file: shinken_mailgun_plugin/util/email_settings.ini

In 'settings' section, update the following variables:

  • servername: Enter sandbox name (See image below)
  • sender: Desired monitoring email ID
  • recipients: Destination email ids separated by comma
  • authorization: Mailgun API key (See image below)
  • serverurl: Update this with your shinken http url. It helps in generating the exact host/service link in alert mails.

Mailgun credentials help

3. Update shinken configuration:
  • commands.cfg - /usr/local/shinken/etc/commands.cfg
    • Update this file with contents from shinken_mailgun_plugin/commands.cfg
    • Add python virtualenv location in resource.cfg. For example:
      • $PYTHON_VENV$=/usr/src/python_env
    • Add location details of nrpe plugin files. For example:
      • $PLUGINSDIR$=/usr/local/nagios/libexec
    • Update the <event_command_name> as instructed in comments.
  • templates.cfg - /usr/local/shinken/etc/templates.cfg
    • Update notification command details in this file. Set the following as:
      • host_notification_commands host_email_alerts
      • service_notification_commands service_email_alerts

Once configurations files are updated, restart shinken-arbiter to apply settings:

# /etc/init.d/shinken-arbiter restart
Restarting arbiter
Doing config check
. ok
. ok

Sample service check email alert:

Service check alert for nginx crash in server: To customize message, edit file: email_settings.ini

Sample service check email alert


Utility to send emails using mailgun for Shinken alerts




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