Zero hassle Linux user management. Built with ♥ and Ansible
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zero-users: Zero hassle user management

zero-users is an ansible project to perform linux user management with minimum configuration with built in validation. Users, created using zero-users, can ssh into servers using key based authentication.


Ansible: A working installation of ansible is required. See installation details here.


  • Automated user creation, deletion on configurable server groups
  • Sudo access management
  • Builtin configuration validation


  • Note: The documentation is divided into multiple files and directory. Configuration files & directories may contain useful info specific to the area. Please check for file at configuration directories and comments in variable files before making changes.

  • Configure:

    1. Define servers in an ansible inventory file. See examples in the inventory/ directory
    2. Define users, sudo access permission in the variable file here
    3. Place the users ssh public key here
  • Execute:

    $ ansible-playbook -v -i inventory/production.ini site.yml

Extra Arguments

  • validate_mode: When validate_mode is passed as true, the playbook does configuration validation and skips all real tasks. Default: False. Sample execution:
    $ ansible-playbook -v -i inventory/production.ini -e validate_mode=true site.yml
  • remove_home: When remove_home is passed as true, the home directory of users being deleted is also deleted. Default: False. Sample execution:
    $ ansible-playbook -v -i inventory/production.ini -e remove_home=true site.yml