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Demo tool for fragment shaders.


  • Simple video-like editor with a single track
  • Shadertoy shaders can be plugged in directly
  • Texture support similar to shadertoy with filter choices
  • Music is attached to shaders as a FFT spectrum analysis texture
  • Live reload of shaders when saved
  • Stripped down player for release of demo
  • Export demo to mp4 video in any resolution (Linux only)


Hotkey Function
Space Play project.
N Create new clip. If you give it the same name as a shader in your project folder, it will use that shader instead of creating a new one.
X Delete the clip that you are currently viewing.
S Save project.
F Toggles whether the shader view should be constrained to 16:9 aspect ratio or not.
L Loop current playing clip.
M Mute music.
E Export project to a 1920x1080 HD mp4 video file.
F10 Toggle UI
F11 Toggle fullscreen
F12 Take a screenshot with 3840x2160 4K resolution.
Esc Quit.


Download openFrameworks. Create a new app with the project generator.

In the generated app directory execute the following:

git init
git remote add origin
git fetch
git reset origin/master
git checkout .

If you're running the binary from an IDE, make sure the current working directory is set to ./bin.

If you want to try out an example project, you can clone Zypit Tech Demo to the bin/data/project/ directory. Like this: git clone bin/data/project


To export the demo to video, you have to install ffmpeg.

On linux ffmpeg needs to be in your path.

On windows you need to put the statically linked ffmpeg.exe in the ./bin directory.