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Keyboard Indicator Change Log
- Fix startup registry key
- Added option to show or hide osd border
- Fix showing osd on virtual desktops
- Update icons
- Update defaults font and colors
- Fix updating startup registry
- Changed registry key for startup from HKLC to HKCU
- Fixed labels bug for num lock and scroll lock
- Fixed a crash when using blend animation
this is actually a bug from the Win api animation function causing exception
when even one time the animation used was Blend and trying to change opacity.
- Renamed position option to location
- New option: manual location using drag and drop
- New osd style options: sticky horizontal and sticky vertical
- New option: make label blank to disable osd msg
- New option: choose interval before hide
- New option: save to global configuration instead of per user
this will save all settings to the default config file in the app directory.
- Fixed bug not hidden from the task manager on startup
- Fixed opacity control
- Added more animations to choose from
- Added option for animation speed
- Ability to change font
- More label positions to choose from
- Opacity control
- Custom text (Requested by Maurizio)
- Bug fixes in KeyHook.dll.
- Changed icons background to red when activated. e.g. caps lock is on.
- Fixed position on screen when using docked bars on top.
- Added about message box.
- First release