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xlts and benlovell Add support for Action Cable (#257)
Refactor log subscribers & create a new one to support logging of Action Cable events

Monkey-patch Action Cable server class to silence default Action Cable logger

Monkey-patch Action Cable Channel and Connection classes to support logging subscribe, unsubscribe, connect & disconnect events

Update log formatters to support Action Cable log data
Latest commit 2347f63 Apr 13, 2019
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helpers Add support for Action Cable (#257) Apr 13, 2019
cee.rb Rubocop autocorrect Sep 18, 2014
json.rb Add json formatter. Nov 18, 2013
key_value.rb Stylistic changes to key_value and l2met formatters Dec 27, 2017
logstash.rb Add support for Action Cable (#257) Apr 13, 2019
ltsv.rb Bump rubocop and fix new violations Feb 28, 2016
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