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Rojo is a tool designed to enable Roblox developers to use professional-grade software engineering tools.

With Rojo, it's possible to use industry-leading tools like Visual Studio Code and Git.

Rojo is designed for power users who want to use the best tools available for building games, libraries, and plugins.


Rojo enables:

  • Working on scripts and models from the filesystem, in your favorite editor
  • Versioning your game, library, or plugin using Git or another VCS
  • Streaming rbxmx and rbxm models into your game in real time
  • Packaging and deploying your project to from the command line

In the future, Rojo will be able to:

  • Sync instances from Roblox Studio to the filesystem
  • Automatically convert your existing game to work with Rojo
  • Import custom instances like MoonScript code


Documentation is hosted in the repository.


Check out our contribution guide for detailed instructions for helping work on Rojo!

Pull requests are welcome!

Rojo supports Rust 1.58.1 and newer. The minimum supported version of Rust is based on the latest versions of the dependencies that Rojo has.


Rojo is available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for details.