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permaculture network 🌱

Permaculture Network is a project by Gary Zhexi Zhang and Agnes Cameron, based at the organisation Sakiya. It explores the ecology of Sakiya through imagined conversations between plants, animals, soil, water, weather, and other human and non-human agents. Where possible, the simulation is grounded in the site: from its ecological, geological and topographical features, to the weather conditions and soil quality recorded.

To use this code, clone/download the repo then run:

$ npm install
$ node index.js

to run the simulation on port 3000.

To modify the code for your own ecosystem, edit plants.js, animals.js, zones.js and substrates.js. If you'd like to make a simulation with a different topography, instructions are in the folder scripts.

Instructions for sensors/weather data coming soon! This is a work in progress

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