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Bitcoin dealer

Bitcoin dealer is simple Django program (trading bot) for trading bitcoins currently only on Bitstamp exchange.

Although program is really simple, it supports stop orders and maybe something more, but I am not really familiar with trading techniques and jargon.

Program is most useful for those who do not have time to watch price of bitcoin all the time, have a PC running all the time and know how to write few "Hello worlds" with two if cases.


  • Register on Bitstamp -
  • Install Django -
  • Run: git clone
  • Install and configure database you will use.
  • Change database settings in
  • Run: python syncdb This will create database schema, tables and load intial_data.json to database.
  • Change following variables in (under EXCHANGES):
  • bitstamp -> key = 'you get this in mtgox admin page'
  • bitstamp -> secret = 'you get this also in mtgox admin page'
  • check_interval = 2
  • bd_debug = True
  • Set DEBUG to True in and set TEMPLATE_DEBUG to DEBUG.
  • Start trading script with in root bitcoin dealer folder like: python -u scripts/
  • Start webserver in bitcoin_dealer's folder like: python runserver 8000
  • Goto and trade.
  • (optional) you can set crontab script for checking if bitcoin_dealer is running. If not, you get an email. See bin/ You can add something like */15 * * * * /programs/bitcoin_dealer/bin/ to crontab for 15 minutes checking.


Click to view. add trade edit trade trades


If paths for running script cannot be found and you get errors, set following variables:

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=bitcoin_dealer.settings

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/your_path_to_one_path_less_than_bitcoin_dealer/

bitcoin_dealer is the name of the folder you have cloned this project. If you have bitcoin_dealer in /programs/bitcoin_dealer/ then you should export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/programs/.


Right now you should not change status of trades, since API v1 still does not support that (but it will have effect on other related trades if you change status from selling to sold for example). Just leave it as it is. If you would like cancel trade, go to your Bitstamp account and cancel trades/orders; but be careful to deactivate/cancel related first.


Watch out, should be accessible only to you, your account and with your permissions.

Program works correctly only if you have enough funds (bitcoins, $, €, ...) on your Bitstamp account. There is no checking if you do not have enough coins or money on your account.

Every time you do "python syncdb" tables exchange_currency, exchange_exchange and exchange_exchange_currencies will be overwritten by data from initial_data.json.

There is no south or similar support implemented. There are database differences between revisions. At worst case, backup old database, do "python syncdb" and "restore by hand".

You like these few lines of code, you find it useful or want new feature?

You can donate a bitcoin or few: 1MC1BSkwD45gAuQ8mvXtD1RZWhNtxGV1ho




With little effort, support for other exchanges can be added also. Database models and program itself is designed with that in mind. However, script which is responsible for trading (scripts/, supports Bitstamp, Mtgox. But until good fairy comes and saves Mtgox and Kerpeles, Mtgox exchange is disabled by default.