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Symfony Bundle to integrate the client with Symfony
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Rokka Symfony Bundle

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A Symfony bundle for the Rokka image service.

rokka is digital image processing done right. Store, render and deliver images. Easy and blazingly fast. This bundle allows to upload and manage your image files to rokka and deliver them in the right format, as light and as fast as possible. And you only pay what you use, no upfront and fixed costs.

Free account plans are available. Just install the plugin, register and use it.

Installation Symfony version <= 3

Require the bundle using composer:

composer require rokka/client-bundle

Add it to app/AppKernel.php

        $bundles = array(
            new Rokka\RokkaClientBundle\RokkaClientBundle(),

Configure the bundle with the parameters below.

Installation Symfony version >= 4

The rokka Symfony bundle comes with a flex recipe.

Do the following.

composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true
composer require rokka/client-bundle

Then you can add your api key and organization to the .env file or edit config/packages/rokka.yaml.


Enter your api key and organization strings.

    api_key: 'key-here'
    organization: 'my-organization'
    # Optional, not needed for most users

base_url is to override the API location. We use this for testing mainly, so no need to change it ever.


The bundle will create two services for you, rokka.client.image and rokka.client.user. These give you access to the basic functionality from the rokka/client library, pre-configured with your credentials.

This bundle also provides console commands to interact with If you only want a CLI for rokka, you can also install the rokka PHP CLI tool as stand-alone phar.

See the official documentation for further information on how to use rokka.

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