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Rokka PHP Client

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A PHP library to access the API of the Rokka image service.

If you are using the Symfony framework, have a look at the Rokka Symfony Bundle which integrates this library into Symfony.


rokka is digital image processing done right. Store, render and deliver images. Easy and blazingly fast. This library allows to upload and manage your image files to rokka and deliver them in the right format, as light and as fast as possible. And you only pay what you use, no upfront and fixed costs.

Free account plans are available. Just install the plugin, register and use it.


Require the library using composer:

composer require rokka/client


The Rokka\Client\Factory is the entry point for creating the API client.

You will need to register for a Rokka account and use the api key you receive.

User Client

The user client is used for user and organization management.

use Rokka\Client\Factory;

$apiKey = 'myKey';

$userClient = Factory::getUserClient();

There is an optional parameter to specify the base URL of the Rokka API. This usually does not need to be adjusted.

Image Client

The image client is used to upload images into an organization and manage output stacks.

use Rokka\Client\Factory;

$organization = 'testorganization';
$apiKey = 'myKey';

$imageClient = Factory::getImageClient($organization, $apiKey);

There is an optional fourth parameter to specify the base URL of the Rokka API. This usually does not need to be adjusted.

Options for clients

You can add an options array as 1st or 3rd parameter to Factory::getUserClientorFactory::getImageClient`. It takes the following format:

   Factory::API_BASE_URL => '',
   Factory::PROXY => 'http://proxy:8888', // if you need to use a proxy
   Factory::GUZZLE_OPTIONS => ['verify' => false] // any guzzle option you need/want


See the official documentation on how to use the Rokka API.

API Docs

See als the API Docs for further information.

Running tests

Run vendor/bin/phpunit in the project root.

Running PHP-CS-Fixer

curl > /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar
php /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar  fix -v --diff --using-cache=yes src/


The official PHP client library for




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