Homework Assignments for Macroeconomics Q2 @ GSEcon, Kobe University
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Macroeconomics (2017Q2) @ GSE, KobeU

Homework Assignments and optional exercises for Macroeconomics Q2 @ GSEcon, Kobe University


ID Deadline Description Invitation Link Solution
hw01 6/14/17 18:00 Setup Get Invitation NA
ex01 6/19/17 18:00 Compounding Get Invitation ex01-nuritovbek
hw02 6/21/17 18:00 PWT Get Invitation hw02-nuritovbek
ex02 6/25/17 18:00 LaTeX Get Invitation ex02-kenjisato
ex03 6/28/17 18:00 Simple regression Get Invitation NA
hw03 7/2/17 18:00 Convergence Get Invitation hw03-nuritovbek
ex04 7/5/17 18:00 Sketchin graphs Get Invitation NA
mid 7/14/17 18:00 Midterm Get Invitation NA

Submission record

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Additional Information

If you plan to use at a computer at the computer lab, you might want to know several techniques to install applications on Mac. See hw-portal/Wiki

Here is a series of notes concerning R, R Markdown and related stuff.