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Post about the silent wife

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title: The Silent Wife
date: '2019-03-04T21:44:12Z'
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Taya had a book club with some friends, and for some reason they decided to read
[*The Silent Wife*][book-amaz]. As we share Kindle books, I decided to give it a whirl, boy is it a
terrible book. Here is a literal quote:

> The mottled sky squats low over the lake, spitting rain like a large animal relieving itself.
Apparently they are going to turn this into a movie. Someone in Hollywood thinks that a shitty
relationship and misogyny is what made *The Girl on the Train* and *Gone Girl* worthwhile and are
therefore committed to skimming the barrel for anything similar. I could not figure out who I
disliked more. Every character has something to hate. Everyone is at fault for this train wreck.

However, there is a doggo who is really caught up in the struggle. I will say that the guy is much
more of a piece of shit for just leaving the dog seemingly without thought for what his absence does
to the dog's psyche.

Stay far away from this terrible book unless you want to cringe at both the writing and the content.


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