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title: Dark Matter
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In trying to keep the sources of my books diverse I pull from some lists periodically just to keep
an eye on what other people are reading. [*Dark Matter*][book-amaz] was the Amazon best book of July
2016 for whatever that is worth. A science fiction thriller driven by some hand wavy quantum mechanics.
Is who we are really just the collections of choices we have made or is there something more to it
than that? That is the fundamental idea that I gleaned from this book. A guy is fighting to get his
life back which was stolen by himself, a different version of himself which created a way to jump
between alternate universes.
It was an okay book. A quick read, one that I wanted to know what was going to happen next enough to
drive me. However the overall writing style was not the best, and there were too many elements where
I just was bored by the main character. I would not recommend this one unless you are really into
this specific genre of scifi.

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