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title: Artemis
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From the author of *The Martian*, [*Artemis*][book-amaz] is a great heist story set on the moon in
the future. Once again he strikes just the right balance between getting the scientific details
right and telling a great story. Just like his other book, I had trouble putting this down until I
was through with it.
One point that somehow stood out is that the protagonist is female. This is revealed early in the
book, but probably due to some inate bias I assumed she was male until it was explicitly called out.
There was an actual moment where I was surprised and had to rethink the first part of the book
wherein I had assumed she was a he.
Science fiction stories that rely heavily on the novelty of their difference from our currently
reality bother me. I'm usually not interested in reading something that is just about how some
alternate reality is different. This was not in that vein, rather the plot stands by itself and just
is enhanced by the novelty of the surrounding world. He also did a good job of working in the
details of what you want to know about this fictious world without being overly pedantic. I'm
definitely looking forward to seeing this one as a movie.

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