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title: NOS4A2
date: '2018-05-18T21:34:32-07:00'
categories: book
tags: crime fiction great scifi
pagecount: 995
After reading *Horns*, I put [*NOS4A2*][book-amaz] on my list and was excited to get to it. The dark
comedy genre really fits my personality for some reason, and *NOS4A2* fits right into that. One
might say reasonably that this book is actually horror, but a little horror with a bit of comedy
usually is more of a comedy to me.
I had quite a few thoughts about this book, but I can't really remember them as I am writing this
now. I will come back to this when I have some time to put better thoughts down. Nonetheless, I
really liked this book. It had a great story, the writing was good, and it fit with my personal

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