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[*The Spy and the Traitor*][book-amaz]
I am not sure why this one got recommeneded to me but [*The Spy and the Traitor*][book-amaz] as been
on my list for a while now. I am happy to have watched *The Americans* before reading it because there
was quite a lot of crossover.

The story of Oleg Gordievsky is a fascinating one that I did not really know in any great detail. I
did know a bit more about Aldrich Ames, but this story was less about him per se than how he fit
into Oleg's story.

True stories are often more unbelievable than fiction and some parts of this story fit that
description. I found the whole thing to be exciting even though I had an inkling of how it was going
to turn out. If you do not know the story then I highly recommened reading this book before doing
any more digging.


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