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title: The Real Lolita
date: '2019-02-06T22:10:41Z'
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I still need to read *Lolita*. It is one of the only audiobooks that I have ever made it all the way
through and actually felt like I followed what was happening. I can still hear Jeremy Irons' voice
in my head reading the book. [*The Real Lolita*][book-amaz] is a non-fiction look at a real crime
that took place in 1948-1950 and how it influenced *Lolita*.

The most interesting part of this book was how much Nabokov and his wife tried to evade any
connection between art and real life. They constantly denied that *Lolita* had any basis in
something that might have actually happened. And yet this book makes a pretty compelling case that
not only is the real case similar in many ways to the fictional one, but also that Nabokov
definitely knew about it and left clues throughout *Lolita* as to the connection.

If you have not read *Lolita* this book might not be as interesting as there are some references
which you will not get. But it is nonetheless a great piece of literary detective work that one
would find enjoyable even without knowing the underlying source.


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