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title: Iron Gold
date: '2019-01-21T20:49:38Z'
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[*Iron Gold*][book-amaz] is the fourth book in the *Red Rising* series which I originally thought
was intended to be a trilogy. It has been a while since I read the third book so quite a bit of the
names and events caused some head scratching as to exactly who was who.

Normally in series books, the author will spent way too much time doing a recap of what happened in
the previous book(s). I usually hate this because either my memory is good or I read the books so
close together that I haven't had time to forget yet. In this book I felt he did not do much of a
recap at all, so I was left trying to remember exactly who knew who from where. It does not help
that most of the names are ridiculous compound ancient greek/roman mashups.

Overall this book was good, not as good as some of the others, but still a fun read. I am calling it
just okay because it was laborious at times. He could have trimmed at least 100 pages and not lost
anything of substance. Moreover, it is definitely a setup for the next book which was disappointing
at the end.


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