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title: Authority
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[*Authority*][book-amaz] is the second book in the Southern Reach trilogy, the first being
[*Annihilation*](/book/2018/01/18/annihilation.html). I would classify these both as literary
science fiction, if that is a thing. Altogether very different from the first, but stylistically the
same. We get to experince the story from a different character's perspective and this made the pair
of books much more fulfilling. Sadly this did not make the movie any more comprehensible.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book at times, especially now that it is over. However, reading it was
really a drag. It had this feeling of over writing. I don't really know where to classify this one.
I am calling it okay, and I recommend it, only if you have read the first one. But I can't call it
good because it was so often annoying in how it dragged on with this abstruse language. I will
probably still read the last installment just to find out how everything gets tied up.

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