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[*2001: A Space Odyssey*][book-amaz]
[*2001: A Space Odyssey*][book-amaz] is a classic science fiction novel as well as a classic movie.
I have seen the movie several times, but didn't really consider reading the story until recently. I
am so happy to have finally read it as the movie now makes a bit more sense.

The movie sticks pretty faithfully to the book so in this instance I think watching the movie is not
that much of a loss relative to the original material. Clearly your imagination gets to do more work
in the book, but having seen the movie first I ended up picturing a lot of what Stanley Kubrick
created. Nevertheless, the ending of the movie has always been a topic of debate and confusion for
me. The book, on the other hand, is basically clear as to what is going on. The movie follows this
but without the explanation as to what it all means. I need to go back and watch the movie now armed
with my foreknowledge, as I think the whole thing will be much more fulfilling.


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