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SGDEX Sample Channel

Roku Recommends

This sample shows a complete channel driven by a single RSS feed.


Primary content navigation in this sample uses a zoom style GridView. The zoom style was introduced in SGDEX v1.1 and enables a zooming animation as the user navigates vertically within the grid.


Selecting a poster from the grid opens a DetailView for that piece of content. The DetailView operates in list mode, so you can navigate left/right through the list of content using the d-pad on the remote.

Media View

Selecting the Play button on the DetailView opens a MediaView for that piece of content. The MediaView operates in list mode without endcards, so the next video in the list will play immediately. When the last video in the playlist finishes, the MediaView closes and the DetailView is displayed.

Copyright (c) 2018 Roku, Inc. All rights reserved.
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