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Roku Sample Channels

The samples listed above demonstrate working Roku channels. Often the best way to learn a framework is seeing a working application running. Make sure to obtain a Roku device - it's required for following these steps. Products are found at and on many online stores.


Simply sideload these zip files to evaluate channels on your Roku device. Before proceeding, review the following guides:

Quick start

Using your Roku remote, enter the following button sequence:

🏠 🏠 🏠 + 🔼 🔼 + ▶️ ◀️ + ▶️ ◀️ + ▶️

Follow the steps to activate developer mode on your Roku device. Save the IP address at the end of the process (example:

Enter the following IP address in a web browser, log-in with username rokudev and the password you set during the developer mode process.

Take any of the .zip files and upload/install to the developer application installer. Your Roku device will load the sample channel instantly.


Collection of sample channels for side-loading on your Roku device




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