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This is a Laravel 5.4 CRUD generator
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Laravel CRUD Generator


Laravel >=5.1
PHP >= 5.5.9


  1. Run

    composer require roland/crud dev-master
  2. Add service provider to /config/app.php file.

    'providers' => [
  3. Publish config file & generator template files.

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Roland\Crud\CrudServiceProvider"
  4. All Done.

    Your Crud Generator is Installed :)


  1. Install laravelcollective/html helper package if you haven't installed it already.

    • Run
    composer require laravelcollective/html
    • Add service provider & aliases to config/app.php.
    'providers' => [
    'aliases' => [
        'Form' => Collective\Html\FormFacade::class,
        'HTML' => Collective\Html\HtmlFacade::class,
  2. Run composer dump-autoload

Note: You should have configured database for this operation.


Crud command:

php artisan crud:generate Posts --fields="title:string, body:text"

You can also easily include route, set primary key, set views directory etc through options --route, --pk, --view-path as belows:

php artisan crud:generate Posts --fields="title:string:required, body:text:required" --route=yes --pk=id --view-path="admin" --namespace=Admin --route-group=admin


  • --fields : Fields name for the form & model.
  • --route : Include Crud route to routes.php? yes or no.
  • --pk : The name of the primary key.
  • --view-path : The name of the view path.
  • --namespace : Namespace of the controller.
  • --route-group : Prefix of the route group.

Other commands (optional):

For controller generator:

php artisan crud:controller PostsController --crud-name=posts --model-name=Post --view-path="directory" --route-group=admin

For model generator:

php artisan crud:model Post --fillable="['title', 'body']"

For migration generator:

php artisan crud:migration posts --schema="title:string, body:text"

For view generator:

php artisan crud:view posts --fields="title:string, body:text" --view-path="directory" --route-group=admin

Generate Pivot tables

php artisan make:migration:pivot tags posts

By default, the generator will attempt to append the crud route to your routes/web.php file. If you don't want the route added, you can use the option --route=no, or edit the route path on config file.

After creating all resources, run migrate command. If necessary, include the route for your crud as well.

php artisan migrate

If you chose not to add the crud route in automatically (see above), you will need to include the route manually.

Route::resource('posts', 'PostsController');

Supported Field Types

These fields are supported for migration and view's form:

  • string
  • char
  • varchar
  • password
  • email
  • date
  • datetime
  • time
  • timestamp
  • text
  • mediumtext
  • longtext
  • json
  • jsonb
  • binary
  • number
  • integer
  • bigint
  • mediumint
  • tinyint
  • smallint
  • boolean
  • decimal
  • double
  • float

Custom Generator's Stub Template

You can customize the generator's stub vendor/roland/crud/Commands/stubs to achieve your need.

  1. Make sure you've published package's assets.

    php artisan vendor:publish
  2. From the directory /resources/backEnd/ you can modify or customize the created View files.

  3. From the directory /resources/backLayout/ you can modify or customize the created Master Layout.

  4. From the file /routes/web.php you can modify or customize the created route.

  5. From the file /app/config/crudgenerator.php you can modify or customize all the needed paths.


Start your project using this Laravel 5.4 Advanced Starter : Sentinel, Crud Generator,

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