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+title: "Installing node.js on the Raspberry Pi"
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+{% include JB/setup %}
+Most of the time you use a package manager to download and install software on your system. This saves time as you don't need to compile the source code: it has already been done for you.
+The Raspberry Pi, however, is quite a new platform and therefore some software is not available yet via a package manager such as apt-get. However, you can still download the source code and compile it yourself.
+I spend a lot of time looking for a precompiled node because there are some horror stories about how difficult it all is. In the end, I just tried it and it went flawlessly. Apparently some brave souls have already cleared the path for us. So here is a few instructions on how to compile it.
+Note that this does take a while - about an hour on my Pi - as the cpu is not that powerful.
+# Downloading the source code
+At the time of being, this was the latest. But check the official site for the current version
+# Unpack it
+tar xvf node-v0.8.16.tar.gz
+# Build it
+cd node-v0.8.16/
+# Optionally: run the tests
+make test
+Some tests failed for me - a known issue on the RPi.
+# Install it on your system
+sudo make install
+# Verify that it works
+node -v
+# Start developing an application :)

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