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A very simple CSS suite to simplify the lives of web designers. Less typing, more drinking juice.
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passionfruit logo
A very simple CSS framework to simplify the lives of web designers.
Less typing, more drinking juice.


  • (Optionally) requires the Linux Biolinum font (not included yet - I have to review the licensing thingy and see if that is possible). You can use it without this font though. Just ignore or remove the .LBCap classes.
  • A sense of humour.
  • 3 Kittens. If you have any more or any less, you will die (not really).

Who is passionfruit for?

  • Web designers who are tired of writing simple fixes to simple problems.
  • Web designers who want to get the job done faster.
  • Web designers who know that passionfruit juice is the best juice. The best. Believe me.

What's in it?

  • Simple styles for margin, padding, and text styles.
  • Simple CSS animations.
  • Miscellaneous stuff.
  • Simple, reusable components (passionfruit-bootstrap.css (to be renamed to passionfruit-juice.css)).
  • Lot's of passionfruit juice.

Classes written in Bajan :)

  • I use my local Bajan dialect of English for naming most classes.
  • This makes them easy to remember.
  • Also makes them fun to use.

Plays well with others

  • passionfruit is designed to be non-intrusive; nothing is set by default.
  • lightweight and simple, nothing too heavy or overwhelming.
  • It is tested alongside Bootstrap, but should work with anything, because it is so simple.
  • Will work well along with "Anole" (More on that later).
  • With the exception of text and border classes, does not in any way affect the color of any element.
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