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A movie search engine apps which uses Open Movie Database API
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A movie search enginee

Moviewer is a movie search engine app which uses the Open Movie Database API. Enter a search term and see the search results instantly with full details of the movie. It has a responsive layout for mobile and desktop screen sizes giving a user-friendly experience.

View the live demo

View the repo on Github

Installation and set up

  • Clone this repo
  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • Run npm run dev to create a development build with webpack
  • Open index.html file in the browser

Functionality and features

  • The app first captures the search input and fetches data that matches the input from the Open Movie Database API.
  • The app then uses React and CSS to display the data returned by the API as pages which are lists of 10 links per page.
  • Each link has a unique ID which is used to identify the selected movie from the API.
  • Each time a movie is selected, the title, poster image, description and other details are displayed

Technology used

  • React
  • CSS
  • Classnames
  • Flex-box
  • Webpack
  • Open Movie Database API

Stages of development

  • Set up API and read the Open Movie Database API documentation
  • Created functionality for the initial search query
  • Created smart pagination, with scrolling to see all results
  • Retrieved the data for selected movie
  • Used React to display the poster image, year, IMDB rating, director and description
  • Used CSS to style the UI


  • Responsive search preview - results are updated each time a letter is entered and shown below the search box
  • Smart pagination allows users to quickly navigate all pages of the search results
  • Form validation gives the user feedback and details of results:
  • if the search input is more or less than 3 letters
  • if the search input has returned a valid result or not
  • How many results and pages of results have been found

Desired features with more time

  • Improve the desktop view for better responsiveness
  • Allow users to mark movies as favourites and use localStorage to save the favourites into a sortable list
  • Added a featured movies section
  • Include infinate scrolling with the initial results
  • Use the Youtube API to load a trailer into the detailed results area
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