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A game of for guessing which city it is, based on a selection of photos
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Which City?

Quiz game app

To play the Which City? quiz game simply choose a country, browse the photos and try to guess which city it is. It is designed for mobile view and offers a user-friendly experience.

View the live demo

View the repo on Github

Installation and set up

  • Clone this repo
  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • Run npm run dev to create a development build with webpack
  • Open index.html file in the browser

Functionality and features

  • The game begins with the user selecting a country
  • A city of the selected country is chosen randomly
  • The app fetches 10 relevant photos for that city from the Unsplash photos API
  • Filtering functions ensure that the photos are relevant to the city
  • The app then uses React and SCSS to display the photos
  • The user then tries to guess the city by going through the photos
  • For each photo that is seen one life is lost
  • When the user finally makes a choice the result and score are displayed
  • If the answer is correct the user can enter their name into the top scores table using localStorage

Technology used

  • React
  • Classnames
  • BEM
  • Flex-box
  • SCSS
  • Unsplash API
  • Webpack

Stages of development

  • Set up API and read the Unsplash API documentation

Desired features with more time

  • Implement the ipad and desktop view for better responsiveness
  • Run some unit testing
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