ruby bindings for cocos2d-iphone (a.k.a.: i want to program my iphone game in ruby)
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ShinyCocos is a ruby bindings for the Cocos2D-iphone game framework.

The idea is to have a very rubyish binding for the awesome cocos2d-iphone game framework. It also includes the Chipmunk (5.1.0) ruby bindings.


Why not?

It makes things easier and faster to prototype, it's not a big overhead and also, ruby takes care of your GC.


Bundled with your application there is a ruby interpreter (ruby 1.8.7). The interpreter is loaded with a simple call from within your App Delegate. The interpreter then loads “main.rb”. From there, you can have as many classes/files as you want.

Your own code should be under the directory vendor, the ruby libraries, and other common code should be under the directory lib.

For each cocos2d class there is (or will be) a Ruby version of the class, right now, the following classes are implemented:

  • Director

  • CocosNode

  • Scene

  • Layer

  • Menu

  • MenuItemImage

  • TextureNode

  • Sprite

  • Actions (all are added, not all are functional. The not functional ones will raise an exception when trying to create a new instance)

  • AtlasSprite

  • AtlasSpriteManager

  • AtlasAnimation

  • Label

  • LabelAtlas

  • BitmapFontAtlas

  • TMXTiledMap (& friends)

  • Transitions

  • Some UIKit Classes: UITextField, UISlider, AVAudioPlayer, UserDefaults

  • Custom ShinyCocos helpers: TiledMap

The idea is to support every class provided by cocos2d-iphone. Please note that this is a project still starting, so most of the classes are not implemented 100%.


  • rake (in order to compile and generate the documentation)

  • iPhone SDK 2.2.1 or greater (ShinyCocos and the Template are using as BaseSDK version 3.1.2 and as a deployment OS, version 2.2.1)

  • rdoc >= 2.4.0 (you can install it with: sudo gem install rdoc)


Rdoc has a broken support for the -E option, so if you have installed the latest version, the fix is easy:

# file: /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/rdoc-2.4.3/lib/rdoc/options.rb
# line: 215
# says:

unless RDoc::ParserFactory.alias_extension old, new then

# should say:

unless RDoc::Parser.alias_extension old, new then

That will fix the -E option (needed to treat .m files as .c)


First, you need a fresh copy of ShinyCocos, so get one:

git clone git://

Now, you're ready to rock. Since we love ruby so much, the building process is really easy:

rake distribution
rake install_template

Now fire up XCode, and choose as a new project, the ShinyCocos application. Enjoy!

Template Update

If you need to update your template (you have just installed a new version of ShinyCocos), you can easily do it with the Rakefile that ships in the template

rake update_shinycocos

If you installed an old version of the template, try to copy the Rakefile and iphonesim binary from the distribution.


You can check the online documentation for the official release here:

Also, be sure to check the wiki:

Adding extensions from the stdlib

If you need to add your own c extension, or one from the stdlib, add them to your project, and put the Init_xxx() call right after the call to SetupShinyCocos() in your main app delegate, like this:

// insert here your ruby extensions (i.e.: Init_zzz())

ShinyCocosStart(window, appDelegate);

Be careful with the requires though, because if you add the extension this way, it will be statically linked, so you don't have to require it in your code. If you do not want to modify your code, just add an empty file named after your extension and put it in the lib directory of your project.

For ruby-only extensions, just add them to the lib directory.

Included Extensions/Libraries (from stdlib)

You don't need to require these, they're already bundled and initialized in the included interpreter.

  • zlib

These are pure-ruby libs (found in the lib directory) added when you create a new project using the XCode template:

  • base64

  • date

  • forwardable

  • rexml (no iconv support)

  • set

Hey, I found a bug!

You sure did. Please report it in the issues section of the github project page.


  • Improve documentation :-)

  • Integrate the rest of the cocos2d-iphone API

  • Test for leaks

  • Benchmarks