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Ext JS and CakePHP.
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  • handles all communication between server and client
  • shares all schema and validation rules in CakePHP with ExtJS/Sencha Touch
  • enables asynchronous and batched request to the server
  • automatically implements CRUD for all remotable cake models
  • is well-tested with PHPUnit and Jasmine


  • CakePHP 2
  • ExtJS 4
  • Sencha Touch 2


Bancha is dual-licensed both commercially and under the open source GPL v3, just like Ext JS. For complete details see the Bancha Licensing Overview. To purchase a commercial license or premium support please visit the Bancha Store.

Please note that if you use Extensible under the free GPL license, then your project must also be open source and must adhere to the rules of the GPL. If your project is commercial and/or closed source, a commercial license is required.

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