Modification of the projection mapping sample to implement a HoloLens scanning effect. Note: Hololens effect demo is no longer on the master branch, but on the hololensprojection branch.
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RoomAlive Toolkit README

The RoomAlive Toolkit enables creation of dynamic projection mapping experiences. This toolkit has been in internal use at Microsoft Research for several years and has been used in a variety of interactive projection mapping projects such as RoomAlive, IllumiRoom, ManoAMano, Beamatron and Room2Room.

The toolkit consists of two separate projects:

  • ProCamCalibration - This C# project can be used to calibrate multiple projectors and Kinect cameras in a room to enable immersive, dynamic projection mapping experiences. The codebase also includes a simple projection mapping sample using Direct3D.
  • RoomAlive Toolkit for Unity - RoomAlive Toolkit for Unity contains is a set of Unity scripts and tools that enable immersive, dynamic projection mapping experiences, based on the projection-camera calibration from ProCamCalibration. This project also includes a tool to stream and render Kinect depth data to Unity.

Here is an example scene from our RoomAlive project to illustrate what is possible (this one uses 6 projectors and 6 Kinect cameras):

RoomAlive Scene