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Advent of Code - 2018 (Haskell Edition)

Note: Complete solutions (and a benchmark) for 2017 (in Scala, Haskell and Eta) can be found (here; star it, if you like it :)).

To make this work you need to ...

  • install stack
  • run stack test
  • run stack build
  • run stack exec haskell-aoc-exe

Note: The code also compiles with Eta. To make this work you need to ...

  • install etlas
  • run etlas test
  • run etlas build
  • run etlas run haskell-aoc-exe

Note: You need to have stack installed and need to run stack build --dry-run first (to generate the cabal file (the dry-run will invoke hpack to generate the cabal file from the package.yaml file)).

Locally you can run all solutions with ./bin/ | grep -e "->" (or you can fork the repo into your account and enable a/the travis build).


The solutions also measure the elapse time in seconds.

With that we can do a very simple benchmark.


To create the numbers you can just run ...

  • stack build haskell-aoc-exe && stack exec haskell-aoc-exe
  • etlas build haskell-aoc-exe && etlas run haskell-aoc-exe

Note: To run the eta solutions you need to export ETA_JAVA_ARGS="-Xss1024M -Xmx4096M".