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This demo shows how to use the javascript generation capabilities of FUSE-SF/Apache CXF to access SOAP/HTTP services from an iPhone and/or an Android phone.

It also shows how to access RESTful FUSE services.

After you have unzipped the demo to a location of you choice you just need to run "mvn install" to get all components compiled and installed (you obviously need to install maven first :)). Downloading all of the components might take a while. Have a coffee ready :).

Next you start the server with "mvn -Pserver" and point a/the (safari) browser to it (http://localhost:9000/iPhone.html).

To make the demo more realistic you can also use an iPhone emulator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/iphonesimulator) or the Android emulator that comes with the Android SDK.

Running the "Simple", "Beverage" and (RESTful) "customer" demo should be self-explanatory.

For the "Bank" demo ...

  • you need to login as "Customer_0", no password required

  • you click on "Setup" and create a new customer like "Roland" (no spaces allowed in customer names)

  • you click on "Pay Payee". Roland should be in the drop down. Pay him USD 1000000. click on "Pay".

  • click on "History" to see that the payment went through.

The bank demo allows you to great a new customer, use your iPhone to send some money to this customer and look at the history of your transactions, means who have i send money to and how much.

It is suppose to mimic a simple eBanking solution.