The repo to drive the Scala Meetup on Android
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Scala Meetup on Android

The repo to drive the Scala Meetup on Android.

To make this work you need to ...

  • install git, sbt (using macports or brew) and the Android SDK
  • you can then clone this repo and checkout the various tags/steps to walk through the tutorial

Step 0: Get something to compile

  • create an empty directory and in this directory create a directory called project
  • put the android.sbt file into this directory and run sbt "gen-android android-21 scala.meetup TutorialApp"
  • take a look at the files to understand what was generated
  • create an avd and start an emulator
  • run sbt android:run and you should see the MainActivity get started

Step 1: Turn it into a Scala app

  • delete project/build.scala and add a build.sbt file
  • you can then also delete (one file less to worry about)
  • delete src/androidTest and create src/main/scala and move src/main/java/.../ to src/main/scala/MainActivity.scala (and rename it to a scala file in the process) and delete src/main/java
  • edit MainActivity.scala and port it to Scala
  • add hello_text in src/main/res/values/strings.xml and reference it in src/main/res/layout/main.xml
  • (optional - if you want to use EMACS/ensime) put the ensime.sbt file into the project directory and run sbt gen-ensime
  • run sbt android:run again and you should see the MainActivity to display the changed hello world text

Step 2: Turn it into a Macroid app

  • add the macroid dependencies to the build.sbt file (and/or check the macroid-starter repo for the most current version of a/the build.sbt file)
  • edit AndroidManifest.xml to include min/targetSdkVersion
  • edit MainActivity.scala to show two buttons and the text (and edit strings.xml accordingly)
  • delete src/main/res/layout (this is not needed anymore)
  • run sbt android:run again and you should see the MainActivity to display two buttons. Try them ...