Context-sensitive external browse URL or Internet search from Emacs
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Context-sensitive external browse URL or Internet search from Emacs.


(require 'browse-url-dwim)

(browse-url-dwim-mode 1)

;; place the cursor on a URL
;; press "C-c b"

;; select some text
;; press "C-c g"

;; to turn off confirmations
(setq browse-url-dwim-always-confirm-extraction nil)


This small library for calling external browsers combines some of the functionality of browse-url and thingatpt.

Three interactive commands are provided:


each of which tries to extract URLs or meaningful terms from context in the current buffer, and prompts for input when unable to do so.

The context-sensitive matching of browse-url-dwim tries to do less overall than the default behavior of thingatpt, on the theory that thingatpt matches too liberally. However, browse-url-dwim does recognize some URLs that the default browse-url ignores, such as "" without the leading "http://".

To use browse-url-dwim, add the following to your ~/.emacs file

(require 'browse-url-dwim)      ; load library
(browse-url-dwim-mode 1)        ; install aliases and keybindings

Then place the cursor on a URL and press

C-c b (mnemonic: b for browse)

or select some text and press

C-c g (mnemonic: g for Google)

or (equivalently)

M-x browse RET M-x google RET

Outside the USA

If you are outside the USA, you will want to customize browse-url-dwim-permitted-tlds so that your favorite top-level domains will be recognized in context. You may also wish to customize browse-url-dwim-search-url to point at an appropriate search engine.


To control which browser is invoked, see the underlying library browse-url.

By default, the minor mode binds and aliases browse-url-dwim-guess, for Internet search, but the user might prefer to bind browse-url-dwim-search, which has less DWIM:

(define-key browse-url-dwim-map (kbd "C-c g") 'browse-url-dwim-search)

Compatibility and Requirements

GNU Emacs version 24.4-devel     : yes, at the time of writing
GNU Emacs version 24.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 23.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 22.2           : yes, with some limitations
GNU Emacs version 21.x and lower : unknown

Uses if present: string-utils.el