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Modern people using modern Emacs usually look at screens marked up with font-lock (aka syntax highlighting). Sometimes modern people even use a mouse.

This package provides

  • button-lock: a programmer-friendly library for making text mouseable

  • wiki-nav: a user-friendly library for making text mouseable

Because these packages are based on font-lock, they are efficient.


Button-lock uses font-lock to make text clickable. In Emacs-speak: it creates font-lock keywords which have mouse bindings added to their text properties.

Button-lock has a simple interface that works like this

(button-lock-set-button "" 'browse-url-at-mouse)

However, button-lock does not create any buttons by default. You must write some Lisp code to make it do anything.

For much more information, see the source for button-lock.el and the doc string for button-lock-set-button (C-h f button-lock-set-button).


Wiki-nav is a user-friendly high-level interface to button-lock. It provides a minor mode which recognizes [[wiki-style]] double-bracketed navigation links in any type of file. Wiki-nav links permit the user to jump between sections, between files, or open external URLs.

Example usage:

  1. Put button-lock.el and wiki-nav.el on your Emacs load-path directory. If you've never heard of a load-path directory, create a new directory named ~/.emacs.d/lisp, and add this code to your ~/.emacs file

    (add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/lisp"))
  2. Add the following to your ~/.emacs file

    (require 'wiki-nav)
    (global-wiki-nav-mode 1)
  3. Sprinkle double-bracketed


    in your files. That's it. There's more functionality, but simple [[links]] may be all you need. When you click on [[links]], Emacs jumps forward in the file to the next matching wiki-nav link.

Advanced usage:

Bracketed links may contain external URLs:


Or they may use various internally-recognized URI schemes:

  • visit: navigates to another file

  • func: navigates to the definition of a function

  • line: navigates to a line number

  • visit: may be combined with other schemes:


Path names and similar strings are subjected to URI-style unescaping before lookup. To link to a filename which contains a colon, substitute "%3A" for the colon character.

For much more information, see the source for wiki-nav.el and the doc string for wiki-nav-mode (C-h f wiki-nav-mode).

Prior Art

The following packages provide functionality that is similar to button-lock or wiki-nav:

David M. Koppelman

Miles Bader

David O'Toole

Carsten Dominik <carsten at orgmode dot org>

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