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1 parent efeedd5 commit c1ece00634a4fd6ad308ac705e9958990e9eb663 @rolandwalker committed Oct 18, 2012
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  1. +2 −0 ert-tests/ignoramus-test.el
  2. +40 −14 ignoramus.el
@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@
(require 'recentf)
(featurep 'recentf))
+ (ignoramus-compute-common-regexps)
(stringp recentf-save-file))
(unless (file-exists-p recentf-save-file)
@@ -348,6 +349,7 @@
(ert-deftest ignoramus:b-ignoramus-matches-datafile-02 nil
"should still match when file does not exist"
(let ((recentf-save-file "~/.recentf-but-nonexistent-file"))
+ (ignoramus-compute-common-regexps)
(file-exists-p recentf-save-file))
@@ -246,6 +246,18 @@ A prefix is a leading absolute path component plus leading fragment of basename.
A directory prefix is a leading absolute path component.")
+(defvar ignoramus-datafile-computed-basenames nil
+ "A computed value based on `ignoramus-datafile-basename'.")
+(defvar ignoramus-datafile-computed-completepaths nil
+ "A computed value based on `ignoramus-datafile-completepath'.")
+(defvar ignoramus-datafile-computed-prefixes nil
+ "A computed value based on `ignoramus-datafile-prefix'.")
+(defvar ignoramus-datafile-computed-dirprefixes nil
+ "A computed value based on `ignoramus-datafile-dirprefix'.")
;;; customizable variables
@@ -746,7 +758,12 @@ character for that system."
(push (concat "\\`" (regexp-opt ignoramus-file-basename-beginnings))
(when ignoramus-boring-file-regexp
- (setq ignoramus-boring-file-regexp (mapconcat 'identity ignoramus-boring-file-regexp "\\|"))))
+ (setq ignoramus-boring-file-regexp (mapconcat 'identity ignoramus-boring-file-regexp "\\|")))
+ (setq ignoramus-datafile-computed-basenames (ignoramus--extract-strings ignoramus-datafile-basename))
+ (setq ignoramus-datafile-computed-completepaths (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-completepath))
+ (setq ignoramus-datafile-computed-prefixes (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-prefix))
+ (setq ignoramus-datafile-computed-dirprefixes (mapcar 'ignoramus-ensure-trailing-slash
+ (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-dirprefix))))
;;; configuration action plugins
@@ -860,24 +877,32 @@ character for that system."
"Return non-nil if FILE is used for data storage by a known Lisp library.
This function identifies specific files used for persistence by
-tramp, semantic, woman, etc."
+tramp, semantic, woman, etc.
+If a Lisp library is loaded after ignoramus, its files may not
+be recognized, in which case `ignoramus-compute-common-regexps'
+maybe called."
(when (stringp file)
+ (unless ignoramus-boring-file-regexp
+ (ignoramus-compute-common-regexps))
(setq file (expand-file-name file))
- (let ((file-basename (file-name-nondirectory file))
- (case-convert (if ignoramus-case-insensitive 'downcase 'identity)))
+ (let* ((file-basename (file-name-nondirectory file))
+ (case-convert (if ignoramus-case-insensitive 'downcase 'identity))
+ (converted-file (funcall case-convert file))
+ (converted-file-basename (funcall case-convert file-basename)))
(catch 'known
- (dolist (basename (ignoramus--extract-strings ignoramus-datafile-basename))
- (when (equal (funcall case-convert basename) (funcall case-convert file-basename))
+ (dolist (basename ignoramus-datafile-computed-basenames)
+ (when (equal (funcall case-convert basename) converted-file-basename)
(throw 'known (list file 'basename basename file-basename))))
- (dolist (completepath (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-completepath))
- (when (equal (funcall case-convert completepath) (funcall case-convert file))
+ (dolist (completepath ignoramus-datafile-computed-completepaths)
+ (when (equal (funcall case-convert completepath) converted-file)
(throw 'known (list file 'completepath completepath file))))
- (dolist (prefix (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-prefix))
- (when (string-prefix-p (expand-file-name prefix) file ignoramus-case-insensitive)
+ (dolist (prefix ignoramus-datafile-computed-prefixes)
+ (when (string-prefix-p prefix file ignoramus-case-insensitive)
(throw 'known (list file 'prefix (expand-file-name prefix) file))))
- (dolist (dirprefix (ignoramus--extract-pathstrings ignoramus-datafile-dirprefix))
- (when (string-prefix-p (ignoramus-ensure-trailing-slash (expand-file-name dirprefix)) file ignoramus-case-insensitive)
- (throw 'known (list file 'dirprefix (ignoramus-ensure-trailing-slash (expand-file-name dirprefix)) file))))))))
+ (dolist (dirprefix ignoramus-datafile-computed-dirprefixes)
+ (when (string-prefix-p dirprefix file ignoramus-case-insensitive)
+ (throw 'known (list file 'dirprefix dirprefix file))))))))
(defun ignoramus-register-datafile (symbol-or-string type &optional unregister)
@@ -899,7 +924,8 @@ SYMBOL-OR-STRING."
(if unregister
(set sym (delete symbol-or-string (symbol-value sym)))
;; else
- (push symbol-or-string (symbol-value sym)))))
+ (push symbol-or-string (symbol-value sym))))
+ (ignoramus-compute-common-regexps))
(defun ignoramus-boring-p (file)

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