Web browsing helpers for Emacs on OS X.
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Web browsing helpers for Emacs on OS X.


(require 'osx-browse)
(osx-browse-mode 1)
;; ⌘-b      ; browse to URL in foreground
;; C-- ⌘-b  ; browse to URL in background
;; ⌘-i      ; search Google in foreground
;; C-- ⌘-i  ; search Google in background
;; position cursor on a URL
;; ⌘-b
;; select a region
;; ⌘-i
;; to turn off confirmations
(setq browse-url-dwim-always-confirm-extraction nil)


This package helps Emacs run Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox on OS X. It is similar to the built-in browse-url, but is somewhat more friendly and configurable.

The foreground/background behavior of the external browser can be controlled via customizable variables and prefix arguments. A positive prefix argument forces foreground; a negative prefix argument forces background. With no prefix argument, the customizable variable setting is respected.

Default values for URLs or search text are deduced from the region or from context around the point, according to the heuristics in browse-url-dwim.el.

To use osx-browse, place the osx-browse.el library somewhere Emacs can find it, and add the following to your ~/.emacs file:

(require 'osx-browse)
(osx-browse-mode 1)

The following interactive commands are provided:


When osx-browse-install-aliases is set (the default) and osx-browse-mode is turned on, aliases are added for the commands



This library uses browse-url-dwim.el, but does not require that browse-url-dwim-mode be turned on. If both modes are turned on, keybindings from both modes will be active.

When osx-browse-mode is turned on, browse-url-browser-function is set to osx-browse-url, meaning that your default browsing facilities will be provided by this library. osx-browse-url-safari and friends are provided in the event that you wish to set browse-url-browser-function by hand.


Keybindings don't work out of the box with Aquamacs, which does not think that ⌘ is the Super modifier.

OS X makes an iconified application visible, even when opening a URL in the background.

See Also

  • M-x customize-group RET osx-browse RET
  • M-x customize-group RET browse-url-dwim RET
  • M-x customize-group RET browse-url RET

Compatibility and Requirements

GNU Emacs version 24.4-devel     : yes, at the time of writing
GNU Emacs version 24.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 23.3           : yes
GNU Emacs version 22.2           : yes, with some limitations
GNU Emacs version 21.x and lower : unknown

Requires: browse-url-dwim.el

Uses if present: string-utils.el