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Test applications for embedded frameworks in Xamarin.iOS

embedded-framework (MyFramework.framework)

This is a sample Objective-C framework (MyFramework.framework), used by other projects. This can be rebuilt by simply executing make, although the binary is also checked in for easy consumption.


This is a single app with one extension, to demonstrate how Mono.framework is embedded inside the app bundle and used by both the extension and the main app.


This is the same app as 'simpleapp' from above, with a binding project that binds the MyFramework.framework, which is used in both the extension and the main app.


This is the same app as 'simpleapp' from above, now including MyFramework.framework using the Native Reference support in the project files (in both the extension and the container app).


This is an app with all possible extensions. This can be used to see how much space is saved when Xamarin.iOS embeds the Mono runtime as a framework once, instead of linking it statically into every binary.

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