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This repository contains the code used in the experiments for the following paper:

R. Morel, A. Cropper and L. Ong. Typed meta-interpretive learning of logic programs.

data description

For each experiment, the experimental data are in the folders marked by the date they were run on. The folders suffixed '-results' contain the outputs of the system. The csv files prefixed by 'data-typed' contain the data collection for the typed experiments, likewise for the 'data-untyped' files for the untyped runs of the experiments. The '.table' files contain means and standard deviations. These files were generated from the csv files by the '' script.

Rerunning the experiments

Each subfolder in the experiments directory contains a 'run.bash' script which runs the respective experiment. The ASP experiments are in the sub-folders named 'asp'.

To run the Prolog experiments a Prolog interpreter is needed. As the experiments were run on 'SWI-Prolog', this is recommended interpreter. The ASP experiments require the hexlite ASP solver.

Contact with any queries.

Online appendix for HEXMILT encoding

The file appendix-HEXMIL_T-encoding.tx contains the full encoding for typed HEXMIL.


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