A python script which outputs logcat message in color
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Colored Logcat

A python script which outputs logcat messages in color.

This script was originally written by Jeff Sharkey and can be found here.

I changed the code substantially in order to support multiple logcat output formats. The color codes roughly correspond to the usual output (warning = yellow, error = red, ...) now.

example screenshot


Put coloredlogcat.py in your $PATH.

coloredlogcat.py behaves like plain adb logcat:

$> coloredlogcat.py

$> coloredlogcat.py -v time

Or reads from stdin:

$> cat logfile.log | coloredlogcat.py

$> adb logcat -v time | grep --line-buffered  `adb shell ps | grep com.android.chrome | cut -c 10-15` | coloredlogcat.py

If you restart your app often, you may want to consider putting endless.sh in your $PATH. This script is a wrapper around coloredlogcat.py and expects the app's package name as argument:

$> endless.sh com.android.chrome

Press CTRL+C to restart reading. This allows you to easily follow the app when it was assigned a new pid.

endless.sh briefly echoes its own pid before running logcat which allows you to stop the script with kill.