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@akornich akornich released this May 6, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

v3.1.0 - Server guided reporting rate limits, config validation, internal errors aggregation and more

  • resolve #379: Add Validate() method to IRollbarConfig.
  • resolve #368: Make SDK to obey service-side enforced rate limits unless client-side RollbarConfig defines one
  • resolve #384: Make sure relevant queues are flushed on rate-limit suspension
  • resolve #370: Consider aggregation of errors during blocking logging and attaching them to the TimeoutException.
  • ref #366: Better information regarding using Person object without ID.
  • resolve #380: Misconfigured payloads can be dequeued much sooner.
  • resolve #388: Remove ValidateIt() from DtoBase type and replace its overrides based on IValidatable
  • resolve #389: Fix failing unit-tests (after recent PR merges)
  • resolve #381: Correct unit tests that are failing on the CI server.
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