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Project in Processing 3 to create an interactive atom playground with knowledge learnt in Physics.
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Project in Processing 3 to create an interactive environment that shows the bonds of the physical world at the nano level.

Open sourced on the 11th November 2019 3:17 AM GMT.

Trello Board

Try it out!

Go to Releases and download the version for you. I've already compiled it for you.


Press Z to pilot the camera and move around. You use your mouse to change where you're looking at. Use WASD to move in the environment.

You can interact with the atoms and particles in the world by clicking on them, and you can create new ones or delete ones through the use of the toolbar on the left.

There's potentially some other controls I've completely forgotten about. I vaguely remember you should be able to push atoms into other atoms. You might also be able to make bonds between atoms... Not sure if I ever got around to that. Enjoy!

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