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Expecty brings power assertions as known from Groovy and Spock to the Scala language. It is a micro library that aims to do one thing well. Expecty is licensed under the Apache 2 license.


case class Person(name: String = "Fred", age: Int = 42) {
  def say(words: String*) = words.mkString(" ")

val person = Person()

// Passing expectations

expect { == "Fred"
  person.age * 2 == 84
  person.say("Hi", "from", "Expecty!") == "Hi from Expecty!"

// Failing expectation

val word1 = "ping"
val word2 = "pong"

expect {
  person.say(word1, word2) == "pong pong"



person.say(word1, word2) == "pong pong"
|      |   |      |      |
|      |   ping   pong   false
|      ping pong

Getting Started

Currently, Expecty is based on the Scala Macros fork of the Scala language. The goal is to get it to work with the upcoming Scala 2.10 (possibly already with a milestone). Because there are no binaries published for the Scala Macros fork, its GitHub repo needs to be added as a Git submodule, and the Expecty build will take care of building a Scala distribution from it.

$ git checkout
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ ./gradlew build

The third and fourth command will take a while because they clone and build Subsequent builds will be smart enough not to rebuild Kepler unless it is manually updated to a newer version.

To get an idea how to use Expecty, have a look at src/test/scala/org/epecty/ExpectySpec.scala and other specs in the same directory.

Note: Development of Expecty is in a very early stage.