Deploy fat JARs. Restart processes. (port of codahale/assembly-sbt)
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Deploy fat JARs. Restart processes.

sbt-assembly is a sbt 0.10 port of an awesome sbt plugin by codahale:

assembly-sbt is a simple-build-tool plugin for building a single JAR file of your project which includes all of its dependencies, allowing to deploy the damn thing as a single file without dicking around with shell scripts and lib directories or, worse, welding your configuration to your deployable in the form of a WAR file.


  • Simple Build Tool
  • The burning desire to have a simple deploy procedure.

How To Use

Specify sbt-assembly as a dependency in project/plugins/build.sbt:

libraryDependencies <+= (sbtVersion) { sv => "com.eed3si9n" %% "sbt-assembly" % ("sbt" + sv + "_0.4") }

Or, specify sbt-assembly.git as a dependency in project/plugins/project/build.scala:

import sbt._

object Plugins extends Build {
  lazy val root = Project("root", file(".")) dependsOn(
    uri("git://") // where XX is branch

(You may need to check this project's tags to see what the most recent release is. I'm notoriously crap about updating the version numbers in my READMEs.)

Then, add the following in your build.sbt:

seq(sbtassembly.Plugin.assemblySettings: _*)

or, for full configuration:

lazy val sub = Project("sub", file("sub")) settings(sbtassembly.Plugin.assemblySettings: _*)

Now you'll have an awesome new assembly task which will compile your project, run your tests, and then pack your class files and all your dependencies into a single JAR file: target/scala_X.X.X/projectname-assembly-X.X.X.jar.

If you specify a mainClass in Assembly in simple-build-tool (or just let it autodetect one) then you'll end up with a fully executable JAR, ready to rock.

You can type

> show assembly:[tab]

and list the keys you can rewire.

assembly               assembly-option        configuration
conflicting-files      dependency-classpath   excluded-files
full-classpath         jar-name               main-class
output-path            package-dependency     package-options
package-scala          publish-artifact       streams

For example the name of the jar can be set as follows in built.sbt:

jarName in Assembly := "something.jar"

To exclude Scala library,

publishArtifact in (Assembly, packageScala) := false

To exclude your source files,

publishArtifact in (Assembly, packageBin) := false

To exclude some package,

excludedFiles in Assembly := { (base: Seq[File]) =>
  ((base / "something-to-exclude" ** "*") +++
  ((base / "META-INF" * "*").get collect { case f if f.isFile => f })).get }

To make a jar containing only the dependencies, type

> assembly:package-dependency


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 e.e d3si9n, Coda Hale

Published under The MIT License, see LICENSE