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This is a fork of wyuenho's original sbt-filter-plugin with support fo SBT 0.10
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Just starting out, still a work in progress. Intent here is to create a plugin approaching equivalence to Maven's filtering prowess for SBT 0.10, using wyuenho's 1.0.3 release as a baseline (

Once the jar is built (note that two lines in build.sbt will need to be commented out since they're self-referential for local testing) and deployed (sbt publish-local) by adding this line to your project/plugins/build.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("org.xsbtfilter" % "xsbt-filter" % "0.4")

And this to your build.sbt at the project root:

seq( org.xsbtfilter.SbtFilterPlugin.settings : _*)

filterEnv := "development" //or whatever filter you're using

Then, create an src/main/filters directory and add your filter definitions (eg,,,, etc.)

Development testing

Note that testing, while developing, can be done by first copy-resources then filter-resources (would love to enable filter-resources triggering upstream to copy-resources)


This release is a minimal release that supports filtering .properties and .xml files. It requires copy-resources being run before filter-resources.

Requires building with sbt-launch-0.10.1.jar


Moved the "filters" directory outside of resources to align with the Maven convention


Updated for sbt-0.11.0

Outstanding tasks

  • TODO: fix the problem with changing currentFilterEnvSetting and requiring a clean before new replacement vals are present
  • TODO: finalize sbt settings propagation in filtering
  • TODO: filter test resources
  • TODO: add dependency hooks
  • TODO: List[String] dev environment definitions in proj properties
  • TODO: runtime checking ensuring dev env filters present when task(s) executed
  • TODO: dependsOn copy-resources
  • TODO enable common props dev where a project could define a Map[String,String] to union with the filter prop definitions (thus enabling common properties)
  • TODO: ensure standalone operation
  • TODO: inclusion list definition for file extension
  • TODO: exclusion list definition for specific files
  • TODO: automated sbt testing during plugin build
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