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A modular framework for rollups, with an ABCI-compatible client interface. For more in-depth information about Rollkit, please visit our website.

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Using Rollkit

Rollkit CLI

The easiest way to use rollkit is via the rollkit CLI.

Requires Go version >= 1.22.

A cli tool that allows you to run different kinds of nodes for a rollkit network while also helping you generate the required configuration files


To install rollkit, simply run the following command at the root of the rollkit repo

make install

The latest Rollkit is now installed. You can verify the installation by running:

rollkit version

Quick Start

You can spin up a local rollkit network with the following command:

rollkit start

Explore the CLI documentation here

Building with Rollkit

While Rollkit is a modular framework that aims to be compatible with a wide range of data availability layers, settlement layers, and execution environments.

Check out our tutorials on our website.


We welcome your contributions! Everyone is welcome to contribute, whether it's in the form of code, documentation, bug reports, feature requests, or anything else.

If you're looking for issues to work on, try looking at the good first issue list. Issues with this tag are suitable for a new external contributor and is a great way to find something you can help with!

See the contributing guide for more details.

Please join our Community Discord to ask questions, discuss your ideas, and connect with other contributors.

Helpful commands

# Run unit tests
make test

# Generate protobuf files (requires Docker)
make proto-gen

# Run linters (requires golangci-lint, markdownlint, hadolint, and yamllint)
make lint

# Lint protobuf files (requires Docker and buf)
make proto-lint


  1. Install golangci-lint
  2. Install markdownlint
  3. Install hadolint
  4. Install yamllint

Dependency graph

To see our progress and a possible future of Rollkit visit our Dependency Graph.


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