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Carbon Free is a cutting-edge, eco-friendly and climate-aware Github platform that has been meticulously developed from scratch, drawing on 15 years of experience in web development. Built using the Angular framework, Carbon Free boasts a sustainable and environment-friendly distributed cloud infrastructure, along with an inherit extensible architecture.


Take command of your creative process and effortlessly create carbon-free websites using your preferred browser on the cloud, no software installation required. For those with advanced skills, you can even build websites offline, locally, with minimal environmental impact. With Carbon Free, all the technical aspects of sustainaible web development are taken care of, allowing you to fully concentrate on delivering the ultimate web experiences to your audience. Trust us to have you covered in terms of sustainable practices while you focus on ensuring the best web experience for your audience.


Our websites are developed with a strong focus on the principles of green software engineering, starting from the very beginning. By hosting these websites on the Microsoft Azure cloud, we are able to take advantage of their comprehensive and actionable sustainability policy. In addition, we have replaced traditional databases with our award-winning carbon aware data store, HEDGE, which also tracks SCI. This allows us to provide users with real-time actionable intelligence to effectively reduce and offset emissions from applications built on the Carbon Free platform.


All RollTheCloud Inc. projects are publicly available hosted on Github. Core is closed for modification but open for extension. Unlimited customizations is made possible by using cutting edge module federation native to Carbon Free page builder Quell.


Compatible with modern JavaScript framework (angular, react, vue, svelte, etc.). Carbon Free is built on top of the battle tested Angular framework by Google. However, Carbon Free websites and apps aka can also be used as app shells for micro-frontends created in other mvvm JavaScript frameworks.

Visit the HEDGE and Quell project page for more info.


Create hosted low code – carbon free: websites, mobile apps, and beyond.






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