how to use import * as Clipboard from 'clipboard' #157

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Zhuoqing commented Jan 5, 2017

repro repo is at

The typings for @types/clipboard@1.5.31 is something like

declare class Clipboard {...

declare namespace Clipboard {...

export = Clipboard;
export as namespace Clipboard;

and its usage example is like

import * as Clipboard from 'clipboard';
var cb1 = new Clipboard('.btn');

However when we try to bundle with rollup with same syntax, somehow new Clipboard doesn't work and we had to do new Clipboard.default which doesn't seem right.
#to repro
npm i && npm run build, then load index.html and watch the error in console, can also check jsfiddle here

Note if change to use import Clipboard from 'clipboard'; it works. However in our repo ngc/tsc will complain module has no default export, not sure what magic rollup-plugin-typescript is doing there. Also looks like import Clipboard = require('clipboard'); doesn't work because of es2015 module.

Zhuoqing commented Jan 5, 2017

related to #143
actual in generated bundle file

var clipboard$1 = unwrapExports(clipboard);
var Clipboard = Object.freeze({
	default: clipboard$1,
	__moduleExports: clipboard

while we want it to be
var Clipboard = unwrapExports(clipboard);

@maxisam maxisam referenced this issue in maxisam/ngx-clipboard Jan 5, 2017

Not working with Rollup #22


We have a related issue like rollup/rollup#1267

In Typescript we need to use this import:
import * as $ from 'jquery';

For rollup, the import has to be
import $ from 'jquery';

It looks like there is no way to solve this.
Writing import $ = require('jquery') compiles correctly from typescript for commonjs, but fails when compiling to es2015.


Same here, same problem.

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