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# rollup changelog

## 1.19.0

### Features
* Implement a new unified file emission API for assets and chunks with support for explicit file names (#2999)
* Use the id of the last module in a chunk as base for the chunk name if no better name is available (#3025)
* Use the id of the last module in a chunk as base for the variable name of a chunk in some formats if no better name is available (#2999)

### Bug Fixes
* Do not produce invalid variable names if an empty name is chosen for a virtual module (#3026)
* Fix an issue where a module variable name would conflict with a local variable name in some formats (#3020)

### Pull Requests
* [#2999]( Unified file emission api (@lukastaegert)
* [#3020]( Switch to a code-splitting build and update dependencies (@lukastaegert)
* [#3025]( Use id of last module in chunk as name base for auto-generated chunks (@lukastaegert)
* [#3026]( Avoid variable from empty module name be empty (@LongTengDao)

## 1.18.0

@@ -133,6 +133,8 @@ Called at the end of `bundle.generate()` or immediately before the files are wri

You can prevent files from being emitted by deleting them from the bundle object in this hook. To emit additional files, use the [`this.emitFile`](guide/en/#thisemitfileemittedfile-emittedchunk--emittedasset--string) plugin context function.

#### `intro`
Type: `string | (() => string)`<br>
Kind: `async, parallel`

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