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@lukastaegert lukastaegert released this 03 May 09:28
· 2014 commits to master since this release



  • Add emitChunk plugin context function to emit additional entry chunks that can be referenced from the code (#2809)
  • Allow manualChunks to be a function (#2831)
  • Omit .js extensions in AMD imports to make sure an AMD baseUrl would work (#2809)
  • Automatically use the name of the imported module as a base for dynamically imported chunks (#2809)
  • Add resolveFileUrl plugin hook to replace resolveAssetUrl and handle emitted chunks as well (#2809)
  • Add resolve plugin hook to replace resolveId and isExternal that returns an object (#2829)
  • Allow resolveDynamicImport to return an {id, external} object to also resolve unresolvable dynamic imports to a module (#2829)

Bug Fixes

  • Do not create invalid code if a dynamic import contains nothing but reexports (#2809)
  • Do not fail if modules that define a manual chunk depend on each other (#2809)
  • Do not fail if a module that defines a manual chunk is the dependency of a module defining a different manual chunk (#2809)
  • No longer fail for unnamed duplicate entry points but combine them (#2809)
  • Always return string | null from this.resolveId even if some resolveId hooks return objects (#2829)
  • Show proper warnings when resolveDynamicImport resolves to a non-external module that does not exist (#2829)

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